Princess on a Visit

I brought Anna down for a visit today.  I haven’t chatted it up, but there has been a time or two when I brought Rhea into Anna’s room and she was good about not hissing at Rhea, as soon as she was up high.

Today, Rhea didn’t hang around and watch, instead taking the chance to check out Anna’s room while she was out.

I did bring Davout up close and she did give him a hiss or two.  After that she was calm..

With Rhea out, I managed to do some other things in the room while Anna waited.  Finally it was time to go back and again, she was calm.  I didn’t want her to run back on her own, suspecting, correctly, that Rhea would be in there waiting.

When I evicted Rhea from that room, I felt some mats on her legs and gave her a little trim. Davout was a bit worried about all the fuss.

He’s been missing adventure time this week, so I gave him a mini adventure by opening up the door to the garage for a little while.

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