Wild Child

Rhea was crazy active today.  She was hopping up on things, dancing around, pretending to pounce on Davout when he was watching her.  She even charged him a time or two, stopping just short of touching him in the way she has.

Then she decide to stand halfway on this end table, then rest with her belly hanging in space.

Davout soon figured out that she would only bother him when he paid attention to her so he made a point to get busy.

I brought Anna down, and Rhea made herself scarce.  She had a nice time with the cover blanket pulled back some so she could look around some more.

Anna rested calmly for most of the time.  I played with Davout with a string toy and she even took a turn herself, although she couldn’t reach the string well through the netting with no claws in front.

A bit artsy as the camera focused on the net.

So I was opening up the gate and was holding it closed with one hand when Rhea came vaulting down onto the sofa from the stairs and leapt right onto the top of the enclosure.

Quite the explosion of noise, but nobody could reach anyone to make fur fly.  Rhea didn’t feel like moving herself out of there and finally I scruffed her out of the gap.  It was harder because I didn’t dare remove the hand holding the end up and closed.

Anna got back to her room with Rhea tracking her behind.  A little stern talking to got her out of the room.  Anna herself was recovered enough in moments to eat some treats on her safe window seat.


Rhea was so unfazed that she took over the enclosure as a comfy spot and is sleeping deeper inside there now.

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