Feather Trouble

Hitting the Post

The first problem was finding the feather toy.  Rhea tends to drag it between the upstairs and downstairs, but this time she got it caught in a chair leg and wound up tight.

Poor Marshal D really depends on having his toy fix at night.


Rhea was fascinated by the toy, but today would not charge forward.

Feather: Caught

Davout gets his toy.


When I tried to give Rhea a chance, she would hesitate and Davout would leap in front.

However, this just looks like a scene from a soap opera.

Rhea Gets a Turn

I finally got her to move off her spot and chase the toy, leading to this zany shot.

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1 Response to Feather Trouble

  1. weggieboy says:

    They don’t forget, do they? To have cats is to have a curious combination of chaos and strict schedules in one’s life. LOL!

    Mine expect wet food at 1:30 AM and pester me till I get up to give it to them. Of course, then they clean up and take a nap, leaving me wide awake! We go through favorite toy play time, too, with the favorite toy rotating among all their toys.

    As always, I really enjoy your kitty post as your three kitties are among my all time favorite Internet kitty celebrities, with Rhea (because she’s a little naughty and major time beautiful) being my favorite of the three.


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