Let it Go

Two Girls

I’ve been doing some quiet meetings, carrying in the kittens to Anna’s room and lately Anna has been hissing less than the kittens…even Davout.

Today I decided to do less babying of both sides, as at least with the enclosure I know the two girls can’t get at each other.  After a few minutes watching today, Rhea came down and started a growl and hiss fest with Anna.


Then just to escalate matters, Rhea jumped on top of the net and fell down to the side.


The previous times I did that, I rescued Rhea out but today I left her kinda stuck right next to Anna.   Anna actually relaxed almost entirely when she sat there thinking about it.

Eventually she crept out, and went upstairs to check out Anna’s room.

Post Combat 1

She came back down to a round 2 and three, bouncing off the front a couple of times.  Then she would turn her back and ever so slowly walk away and turn in a circle to look back from a distance.

Clean Up

Despite all the sparks, the girls acted pretty much like the other times when I watched over them more carefully.  And like usual, Rhea loves to go to the enclosure as soon as Anna leaves it for her room.


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3 Responses to Let it Go

  1. angela1313 says:

    Rhea’s face in number 3 is funny. Looks like she’s thinking “This was not what I had planned!”


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