Nose to Noses

This morning Anna and Davout needed to get booster shots and vaccines, so they had to go together.  There was some hissing when their carriers were placed nose to nose in the car. Anna started it, but Davout gave one right back.  After that they had other things to worry about.

Then tonight I brought her down for a visit, partly because I wanted to keep an eye out for any reactions to the shots.

Right after she was shut up, Rhea came to the front and had a bit of a glare off.  Anna gave one hiss, but after that they both stood off a few feet apart.  Rhea then went off to check out Anna’s room.  She left her alone after that, and Anna was calm.  Later, she came back down and settled down elsewhere in the room.

Davout came down to check her out on his own and got a hiss himself, but overall Anna did pretty well at not escalating up from an initial hiss and relaxing after that.  Marshal D was pretty scared at the vets as usual but at least it was a fast in and out visit.

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