Here We Go Again

Marshal was happy to get his outside daylight time outside in the back yard.

Rhea was poking around out there too.

And a little while later, she was on top of the wall.

I stopped her that time.  In the afternoon I let them out again and she did it again and went down the wall several houses – far enough I couldn’t see her from up on a chair.  At least she didn’t run into the wrong house this time.

In between she “helped” me unpack a new computer.  She played in the boxes and ate a few bits of Styrofoam.  She seemed to get over that quickly enough.

She then sat on the chair back and watched the set up.



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1 Response to Here We Go Again

  1. weggieboy says:

    Positively the most beautiful photos of your kitties…ever! And that’s saying a lot because you always have lovely kitty portraits in your blog!


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