Rainy Day Blues

It was a dark and gloomy day ending in rain today so nobody got to laze out in the sunshine. I did upset the applecart even more by moving almost all the furniture around to sweep the carpet and clean some bits of it.

My cats always seem to enjoy the first part when all the furniture is piled up in other rooms a lot, but strangely they seem more unsettled when things go back to the same spots.   Then I brought Anna down for some outside her room time.

The new pattern is that Rhea peers in at Anna for the first few minutes and starts a few scraps.  The netting keeps any fur from flying, and then Rhea tends to give up and visit Anna’s room for a while, and then more or less leave her alone.  Anna then calms down and relaxes a considerable amount.

While the initial fuss was going on, Davout kept away from the fuss on the stair landing.

Rhea glaring down at Anna, but since the blanket blocked the view nobody escalated the situation.

Later on I turned some Youtube Videos of birds for cats onto the television.  Anna didn’t seem to pay attention to it, but Rhea was distracted.

A bit later she yielded her spot to Davout for him to watch.  They don’t seem to be too shocked of chickadees that are about 2 foot long cavorting on screen.

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2 Responses to Rainy Day Blues

  1. cattitudechronicles says:

    Mol!😸 Oh my kats / your babies are so much fun! Stop by my blog in the morning – I have an announcement to make!😺


  2. 2 foot long chickadees? brave kitties! Seems like Anna and Rhea are settling into a routine when Anna comes down, hopefully they get tired of it soon and just ignore each other!

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