Tummy Troubles

Rhea had a difficult day Thursday – she was trying to throw up all day and was uncomfortable enough to move around from secluded spot to secluded spot to avoid notice.  She was even not comfortable when Davout came to look for her and lick her head.  She skipped dinner.

Late in the evening she seemed to be more normal, and the next morning she ate her meal and spent time chittering at and chasing flies, so I didn’t have to take her into the vets as a precaution.

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6 Responses to Tummy Troubles

  1. angela1313 says:

    Did you find anything? Sometimes one of mine will act like that and I will find a little pile in a corner later. Gald she’s doing better without a vet visit/


    • Oldcat says:

      She threw up a hairball in the morning and a little more later but still was out of sorts in the day. This was a lot like Davout’s bout a few months ago but less severe, if more noticeable since Rhea isn’t a wallflower usually.


  2. Andrea Kenner says:

    I’m glad she’s feeling better!


  3. pilch92 says:

    I am glad she is feeling better.


  4. Hope Rhea’s all well today. She didn’t pick up something off of the floor on Thanksgiving Day and eat it, did she? My friend’s cat found an errant piece of raw potato on the floor during Thanksgiving preparations, and apparently ate it. It made her terribly sick; my friend’s son rushed Ms. Kitty to the emergency vet, where they kept her overnight. She’s okay now, but it gave everyone a scare during what was supposed to be a quiet dinner.


    • Oldcat says:

      Hm – I wouldn’t think a potato even raw would be too bad, unless it was a part with skin and an eye on it, as that part has poison in it. I had a cat that regularly stole french fries and ate chips without complaint.

      She started acting out of sorts before much cooking was done and she wasn’t nibbling after that then. She might have eaten something earlier, of course.


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