Not All About the Lil’ Generals

Today I started the pictures with Rhea and Davout at playtime, so as to not be only about the new fellows.

But the text will be more about them.  I got a late afternoon vet appointment for the two of them and had them checked out.  Aside from Sherman’s cold, and irritated eyes both are otherwise healthy.  They were very good at the vets.  I have some medicine for the cold and the eyes for the next week.  They make him look a bit more rumpled in the face, but he was improving some in the eyes even before this new ointment.

General Sherman was over 5 pounds, and Grant was over 4.  I think they are quite a bit heavier than Rhea and even Davout were at this age.

Davout was into watching me spin the ball so Rhea had to come up and hit the ball, no matter how tired she was.

Always ready for the glamor shot.

Part of the reason Davout might have been unready to play is that I was sitting just at the edge of his ‘skitter away’ range.  When I slid forward an inch, he took off,  But he came right around the central post in the house and jumped onto my desk chair base.

He was a little surprised when I spun it around to face him, but the height advantage gave him the courage to stay.

Then he spotted a fly across the room and ran off to chase it.

The kittens ate a lot after the Vet visit, slept a while too.  Sherman is a big kneader – he will knead the floor, walls, carrier bars, and even the air at the drop of a hat.

He looks a little more rumpled because the ointmet smears his eye fur, the medicine made him drool, and he tends to dip is ruff in the fountain.

Both the kittens are very interested in exploring outside the room.  Since I haven’t kitten proofed the rails in the hall, I don’t want them rushing about even without Rhea hanging about.  When she was off downstairs I let them roam in the little hall between their room and the bath and the closed door of Anna’s room.  I sat down to block anyone from getting near the railing or my room.

They started roaming all over, even getting into the tub.  Then Rhea showed up and sat by me watching them.   When Sherman approached, she hissed once, then when he stopped short gave him some mews.  After that she just watched them without a sound.

Well there was a time when they both were thumping in the tub and she ran in and peered over the edge, to meet Sherman popping up right in her face.  That got a hiss or two more.

Grant is an odd mix of confidence and waryness.  He does what he wants when he wants, but tends to have an exit strategy at all times.  Here he outflanks the food bowl.

Round 2 of ‘nose to nose’.  I’m holding Sherman back to avoid him getting close to the gaps in the banister.   Rhea even arched her back and flipped her tail in a “I’m so cute” move to get close enough to sniff him.  Then he sneezed.


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3 Responses to Not All About the Lil’ Generals

  1. Mary McNeil says:

    My study of the Civil War has given me the impression that both Sherman and Grant often appeared rumpled. So your new boys are authentic re-enactors.


  2. Oh my gosh, the new guys are just adorable, rumpled or not! Sherman looks huge next to Rhea, is that all poofy fur or is he a much bigger kitten? I can’t wait to see Grant next to the other ‘kittens’ to judge his size too! He looks much smaller than Sherman, but it’s hard to guess who’s how little. One thing for sure, ALL of your kitties are beautiful!


    • Oldcat says:

      Most of that is the camera lens – Sherman is larger than Rhea was at the same age, but she is larger than he is now by quite a bit. Grant looks tiny compared to all, but some of that is his relative lack of floof. By pounds, Davout is above 9.5 pounds, Rhea is about 8, Sherman 5, and Grant 4.


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