Grant Moves Downstairs

Downstairs Dominator

So far Rhea is the one the Generals have interacted with the most – she’s the one meeting them at their door and in the upstairs when they venture out.

Davout has stayed downstairs for the most part.  He has started to prefer that more as a ‘home base’ over sleeping under the bed.  So that distance and his native caution has kept him at a distance.  Sherman did have some run-ins with him yesterday.

New Arrival Downstairs

Yesterday Grant noodled around upstairs the entire time, even when everyone was downstairs.  Today he was the boldest one, and came downstairs and took it over.  Here he rests in the kitchen after exploring.  He collected that extra feather toy end, and shows no sign of improper chewing of the toy.


Grant has a bit more of the wild in him than Sherman.  He tends to watch from cover until he sizes up the situation, but he isn’t really scared while he’s doing it.  It is just his way.  While I was giving Sherman his cold medicine, Grant was flopping in the hall by Rhea.

He has her pegged already.  He comes right up to her to touch noses which only rarely now rates a quiet hiss at all.  He has an attraciton to the little mews she makes when they are nearby – I wonder if they remind him of his mother.  A few of those usually gets him coming close for a new nose to nose encounter.

Rhea Observes

Rhea is driven to watch what they are up to, but there’s no hostility in it anymore, if there ever was.  She might hiss a warning if they rush up too close, but that range is now about an inch from her nose now.


When Sherman came down too there was  a flurry of activity.  At one point all four cats were very interested in a hunting way with Grant carrying around a fish cat toy and batting it around.  Even Rhea and Davout came up close in support.

When the two boys where chasing each other around and around the rooms downstairs, sliding sideways as they tried to make tight turns the older cats found more out of hte way watching posts themselves.

Nooks and Crannies

When he got a bit tired, Grant found his own cubbies to watch from.  He also explored that opening behind the sofa that leads to a cat tree in the corner.  They also have pulled quite a few lost toys from behind and under furniture since they can walk under it.

Rhea is just chasing one such lost toy across the room now after the kittens have gone to bed.   Wow, she’s even pulling one out of my misfit toy box that sits open by the door that she’s ignored for years now.  She has some kitteny excitement of her own to work off.

Play or SmackyPaw

Grant seems to have gone out of his way to  interact with Davout over and over.  Some of it might be Davout’s habit of chirping to himself mixing with Grant’s attraction to cat meows.  I met Gran’t mum, who looks like Grant does if you subtract out all the yellowish bits.  Davout’s light body color might remind him of her.

By the end of the day Davout had lost almost all of his reserve with the kittens and almost wanted to play with them.

My, My.  Rhea and Davout are playing chase here as I write this and Rhea knocked over a food dish pouncing.  Davout is eating up the spilled niblets like a good boy.

Safe Spot

Rhea kept up her use of vantage points to watch the kittens, but by now Davout was more the lead cat in keeping an eye on them.

Davout and Grant

One thing Grant has is a strong aversion to being picked up and carried.  He’s gets tense and even wild at times.  Since he needs to go back to their home base room at night, he’s going to get some training in this respect in the next days.

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3 Responses to Grant Moves Downstairs

  1. Mary McNeil says:

    How nice to see them all beginning to interact so well so soon !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I can’t get over how adorable Grant is. I hope he keeps those tail stripes.


  3. cattitudechronicles says:

    I love hearing how they all interact – they all look so happy -and curious!


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