Another day with the kittens out, and both Rhea, Davout, and I were a lot more relaxed about letting the kittens do their thing without much hovering.  Rhea found a few perches to keep from being run into, then lay down and watched the show.

Grant did things on his own much of the time.

I broke out a string toy for picture time.

Sherman is always game for the up-close playtime.  He’s not shy.

Grant still seems to have a magnetic attraction for Davout.

Two boys on the same hook.

stay tuned for part 2.


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3 Responses to Relaxing

  1. Connie says:

    looks like someone has a crush


  2. KittNoir says:

    Grant is adorable!


  3. Judging by the titles of the board games in that first photo of General Grant, he’s already planning his future military victories 🙂


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