More from Yesterday

The boys were out all evening and downstairs just like the day before.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I had a lot left over from yesterday.  That’s what is in this post.

Davout and Grant seem to be getting more friendly.  They aren’t cuddly, but even without my stimulating things with toys the two of them were following each other about.  When Grant was playing on his own, Davout found excuses to be close watching.  When Davout was off on his own, soon Grant would come trotting up to the near vicinity.

Rhea continued her general “hands off” policy, with a few exceptions.  A couple of times when I was holding one of the kittens still Rhea came right up to give some up close looks and sniffs, even crossing the room to do so.

Likely she’d like a little more up close contact, but is put off by their frequent moving about. There were no hisses or even little meows at them on her end.

Sherman continues his amiable ways, checking out most everyone every so often, hanging out on his own in between, finding a corner to rest in when he gets tired.  If you pet him, he starts purring at once.

Grant has picked out a particular corner where he drags over little toys that he has caught and leaves them in a little group.

The only difficulty with Grant so far is his little wild streak.  He is a bit skittish, but also when caught tends to struggle and fight rather than give up.  This makes getting him back to his room at night a struggle.

Today when I got him I kept him in control and stroked him until he was almost relaxed and not struggling before carrying him off.  That was when Rhea came over to give him a close look, which didn’t phase him that  I could tell.  I’ve been stroking him a time or so at feeding time the last few days, but I may have to try corralling him and calming him some extra times to wear down his fight/flight reaction.

Otherwise he’s not as prone to avoiding me when I move about as Davout still is, and isn’t scared to move about near where I am sitting.

Sherman is still putting up with his meds.  The cold seems much reduced, and he seems to act normally.  The cold medicine makes him drool like crazy, which adds to his rumpled-ness.  I need to pick up some new cleaning wipes, since in addition to some drool he gets his ruff in the water fountains.

Sherman is not the one to resist the allure of the camera strap.

It’s not easy being this pretty.


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2 Responses to More from Yesterday

  1. weggieboy says:

    How’s Anna doing? The new kitties must be alarming, yet they seem better at making friends with the older residents than Anna, with her issues.


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