Integration Issues

Now it seems that there’s no danger of the big cats beating up the new boys, some other integration issues are popping up.  The last day or so neither Davout nor Rhea has eaten much of the wet food I put down.  The kittens have been eating at it, and I wondered if the older two were now classifying it as kitten food.  They did eat some other stuff I put down in a different spot.  I also had used a plastic plate, which I got when Harrison was around because of his rapid dirtying of food dishes.  I also had run out of their favorite style.

At least when  I went out and got their favorite flavor on a regular plate this evening, Rhea and Davout ate most of it.

Then when I got on the portable I found that some cat had found a way to change the font size of the title-bars and menus of the desktop.  It took a long time to even start to set this back, and I’m not sure I have it done yet.

I’m still having trouble wrangling kittens into their room when needed.  I haven’t fully decided to allow them out at all times.  Grant is a little better at coming out into the open, and the last couple of times in his room he’s been welcoming me into his room from his perch atop the high tree in there with a mew of greeting.  Last time when I answered him, he repeated it and we had a little conversation.

The older cats are adjusting, kinda.  The drama on meeting is mostly gone, but there are some odd reactions.  This morning, when the kittens were out in the day for the first time, Davout got so excited when they came down that he started to spin in a circle chasing his tail for about five full rotations.  They follow them around at times, but more usually hang out and watch them from a distance with some, but not a consuming interest.

During most of the afternoon, the kittens were tucked off in various corners napping.  At one point  I lost track of Sherman, and couldn’t find him.  I figured he was tucked away upstairs and still couldn’t find him, but at one point Rhea got up and directed me to follow her upstairs where Sherman was on his way out from where ever he had been napping to come back down.

She didn’t get up any other time he, or the other kittens were coming downstairs.  She must have known  I was looking for him.

There was a little feather playtime for the kittens.  I haven’t used the toy with them around just in case they were likely to chew or eat it.  So far, they haven’t shown much sign of bad habits in that regard, even though at least Sherman is teething – he has two sets of upper fangs coming in right now,  I noticed.

I may see if I can get them to follow the toy to their room tonight.  I tried the food dish in the afternoon to see if they would follow but they didn’t take the hint.  Part of that might be that they had been snacking on the other cats’ food all day.

If you wanted to see Sherman’s tummy, there’s your chance.

He’s mostly over his cold, although every time  I think he’s not sneezing, he sneezes.  But the extra sleeping, and snotty nose and repeated sneezes have been gone for a while.  I’ve caught Grant doing an isolated sneeze too.  Another reason to pack the boys back is that their room is the warmest one in the house while they have these possible colds.

Some of my worries about his eyes may just be that he doesn’t have the same wide-eyed look that Rhea and Grant have, when not concentrating on things.

Grant has this odd horizontal black line across his face right through his nose — whisker dots, a black whisker and some nose color all add up to a pattern my eyes keep picking up even when not taking pictures.

He’s lurking less in corners and will even play with toys near my feet here while I work at the computer.  He’s a lot like Davout in that respect.

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