Thunder Runs

Sherman at Play

Today the little Generals had so much zoomie energy built up that pictures were a problem, so another chunk from yesterday has to take over.

Pensive Grant

In between I heard a louder version and found that Rhea and Davout were chasing each other up and down the stairs too.

Grant versus Shoestring

Late in the day Grant ‘chased’ Davout up the stairs, through the railing and over onto the shelf tops.  Davout kinda spoiled it by not coming back to chase him in the other direction, but hopefully he will loosen up.  He wasn’t scared during the chase at all.

Hamburger Play


Burger Holder

What a cutie.

Sherman and String

There was a comment about relative sizes of the two boys, on why in a lot of pictures Sherman looks huge compared to Grant.  He is somewhat larger,  and the floof helps but a major factor is that in the close shots I usually do closer things look quite a bit larger, and Sherman is not shy at all while Grant tends to hang back in the rear of the shots.

Mobile Burger

Dancing Burger!


Rhea found a way to keep her backside safe from kittens.

Resting Kitten

The feather toy to get the kittens into their bedroom works great…Rhea is the first one it, followed by Sherman.  Then I have to go fetch Sherman, who is playing with some other toy  and let Rhea out.  Easier than chasing a tan tiger around the room, at any rate.

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4 Responses to Thunder Runs

  1. nadbugs says:

    They are incredibly cute, all of them.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Definitely have a lot of energy, don’t they? It’s encouraging Davout and Rhea are accepting the new kids on the block.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Does your camera take video?


    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, all of them do. I just am out of practice with the process of taking and displaying them. I have no idea how well they would do in the lighting conditions inside – the resolution is lower so it might do ok with low light.


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