New Normal

The little fellows are getting hard to contain.  They almost broke out of their room this morning at breakfast and at once came right down to the big kids table to eat dinner from the same spot as Rhea and Davout.

I’m a little bit worried that those two are getting less food since the kittens eat their leftovers and extra dry food with gusto.  I’ve given them a bit of extra food after the kittens go to bed. The kittens eat tons…Sherman was even sniffing around my dinner too.

There is a little more mixing – while Rhea and Davout mostly chase each other, and the boys with themselves, there has been a time or two when Grant chased Rhea a little, and he also almost helped in a game of mutual pounce between Rhea and Davout.

Also, the two older cats don’t wait until the kittens are shut away to play…they play some, then watch the kittens some.

The higher perches still are a bit clearer of small fry.

Davout takes a break from following the kittens around.

Rhea looking lovely.

Sherman takes a rest.  His cold is gone, and some of the issue is that he is not naturally wide eyed like Rhea and Grant and even Davout are.  When he gets interested his eyes look normal.

He’s still a bit shy of me when I move about, but he’s not shy of any one else.  He isn’t quite up to wrasslin’ with the big kitties yet.

While I’d rather wait for the weekend for no particular good reason, but I think the boys will force an ‘open door’ policy pretty soon and be out and about.


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One Response to New Normal

  1. Connie says:

    My foster kittens tend to eat double – or more – what my cats do.


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