Three Years with the Minuet Kittens

Three years ago, two new kittens came into the house, to brighten up the lives of two old cats.  Now there are tow new kittens brightening up the lives of these same kittens.

There were so many similarites between the two introductions.  The Generals were considerably less flustered over the trip here.  Davout especially was very scared, even though he was the older.

The introductions went smoothly both times, even with the Generals being a bit hoggy over the food plates.  The veteran cats were mostly understanding, and the young cats mostly respectful.

Davout was a bit whiter then.

Rhea doesn’t mind the kittens getting close, and is even doing some pounce games with Grant right now.

From pretty kitten to pretty lady.

Almost Twinsies!

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4 Responses to Three Years with the Minuet Kittens

  1. weggieboy says:

    Gad! Three years already! It’s great that the older cats have accepted the new kitties so far and so soon, and I look forward to the further adventures of the Oldcat family!

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  2. angela1313 says:

    It’s great Rhea is doing well with the kittens after all the work you’ve had with her and Anna. Kittens are enough work as it is, although great fun.

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  3. Connie says:

    Happy Gotcha Days! 🙂


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