New Toy Time

I had been afraid that getting the kittens into their room at night would get harder.  Instead, I found that all I had to do was go up there into the room and within a few minutes both the kittens would be inside.

Davout keeps his eye on things.  Soon after this Sherman came up to the shelf just below and the two had a chirp-and-meep conversation with each other.

The kittens discovered the undercover mouse and were playing with it turned off.  I turned it on for them and it was quite the hit.

He looks quiet, but he’s now rushing around collecting every toy and piling them up by the front door mat with his other treasures.  He just carried over there a kicker toy longer than he is.

Rhea has made a few fake pounces at him in the last few days, just like she does with Davout when they are in a fiesty mood.

Not sure if the toy or the wild kitten are the interesting part, but something has his attention.


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