Sleepy Saturday

The night out went without incident – the kittens neither stayed in their room, nor made a pest of themselves at night.  I assume they found similar sleeping spots to those they use during the days.

This one is a new one for them, but not one for Davout and Rhea.

The fact of being out all night might have led to a fairly sleepy day for the kittens.  There was a bit of playing, but long nap breaks.  One nice thing was that Grant took more chances to nap in the open.  Twice he lay down in Rhea’s cat bed at the foot of my chair, once when she was also in it.  She didn’t mind him closing in at first, but when he did an additional turn in a circle to get comfy she decided to leave for a better nap spot.

Sherman was really wiped out post-dinner.



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  1. Connie says:

    That is a very nice box you have there Grant

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