Upstairs Parade

Another sleepy day, although there was one interesting moment when I was visiting Anna. The boys barged in, as they tend to tag along with me anywhere except at bedtime.  Anna only hissed a little bit but then there was a big commotion in the hallway, since Rhea was there and Davout grabbed her by the scruff to keep her away from Anna.

Rhea resented that, and then when Grant ran over to see what was up she hissed at him as well.

Aside from that hiss, Rhea and Davout are fine with the kittens, and interacting with them one on one more and more.  Rather than just watch them play, they are sometimes investigating things the kittens are interested in, if not quite playing with them yet.

Grant is sleeping out in the open more and more, and even has started talking to me from time to time.  Sherman was my little shadow in the kitchen, either camping by the fridge or being a little too underfoot when cooking at the stove.  He was good and just watched me load the dishwasher.

The other fun thing is that if I take out something in the garage, there are 4 cats waiting at the door when I get back.  I haven’t yet let the door into the garage be open, or the cats out, which has Davout a little grumpy.

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2 Responses to Upstairs Parade

  1. cattitudechronicles says:

    Oh, Grant is adorable! I’m so glad your kitties have you – they’re blessed!😺


  2. sarledge1 says:

    Just adore your posts…and photos of your beUtiful fur babies.


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