Been There, Done That

I left the boys  out when I went to work for the first time today, and nothing in particular happened.   Without me there to give in with extra food, they were in less of a food coma in the evening and ready for dinner.

I went up into the computer room, where the kittens were, to do some work.  I expected the boys to follow me in and mess around, but the only visitor was Rhea.  She was a bit curious about the changes in there – various computer cables where covered with towels and blankets on the off chance the kittens might chew on them.  As far as I can tell, they ignored everything while they were in there.

I brought down the feather toy when it was picture time…

It is pretty easy to get the boys interested in this toy.  Davout was in wallflower mode and wouldn’t take his own shots at it.

It looks more and more like Sherman won’t look too much like Rhea and Davout.  The Minuet, or Napoleon breed is a cross of Persians of the Dollface kind and Munchkin cats, who are built more or less like regular cats.  If they carry the Munchkin gene, they will have the tiny legs, but none of mine do.

Rhea and to a lesser extent Davout seem to have very Persiany Doll Faces and pretty much normal cat bodies.  They have longish bodies, their legs are not thickish.  They have long tails and not shorter Persian tails.

Sherman seems to be almost the reverse.  He has a thickish body with a round belly, his legs are stockier, but his face looks more like a standard cat – he doesn’t have the round wide expression of a Persian.  His ears are the shorter Persian kind, though.

Grant continues to come out in the open more, although he does skitter away when approached.  He’s started to make his voice heard at dinner time, unlike my other quiet cats. He’s not that loud, but he does mew at me, unlike the others who just watch.

I ran Sherman back and forth with the wand until he was a little tired.  He is a handsome fellow in his own style.  He doesn’t need to fit any standard model.

Pretty Rhea can bring the drama.

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3 Responses to Been There, Done That

  1. KittNoir says:

    I love these photos 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    Beautiful! Though your new kitties are a lot different in appearance from cats you’ve had in past and now, they are handsome little fellows! I look forward to seeing how they look fully grown. They will be stunners, I have no doubt!


  3. Sabina Ayne says:

    I can’t get over how beautiful the Generals are!!


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