More from Monday

Some more shots from Monday night.  That’s a strange expression Grant has on there.

Rhea lurking in the background as everyone plays in front.

After playtime ran out, Grant went over and tryed to get a game going with Davout.  He’s a bit flirty here.

Sherman went right up to Rhea’s nose at about the same time.  She didn’t mind it at all.

Grant can be a bit intense when playing.  I keep finding toys moved about to his various dens.

Rhea can match that stare for stare!

Grant in a less intense moment.



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3 Responses to More from Monday

  1. Grant has such big wide button eyes, are they ever at half mast, so to speak, or does he always look so interested in everything?
    What does Anna think? Is she even more wary of the door or do the new ones not seem as threatening as Rhea is all by herself? I was just catching up and had to chuckle at Davout biting her on the neck to keep her from running into Anna’s room! What a good little guardian he is! Are you still bringing Anna down to the little run to see the kittens bounce around?


    • Oldcat says:

      Grant gets sleepy eyes when tired, but perks up when stuff happens. Anna is no better with kittens than she is with Davout. I haven’t had Anna out yet, but kittens have gone in.


  2. Connie says:

    Grant is just so darn cute!


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