Aspects of Naps

There was quite a bit of snoozing tonight.  They do play in between, in fact Davout is doing his “chase me” bounding moves and chirruping at the boys.

Dirty feets?

Sherman took a quick nap on the end-table, fairly close to Rhea and me.  He got a little bit of a wet-knap bath because he sits a little low when eating and gets some food on his ruffs that doesn’t come out.  Otherwise he seems to keep well groomed so far.

I had a little game of “fingers under a blanket ” with Davout when he was sitting on the sofa and I was on the ground.  This is notable because normally he gets antsy when excited and runs away.  I’m glad of the blanket since he was using some substantial claw action.

I saw Davout give Grant a little bath on top of the head a bit earlier.


I tend not to take pictures of Rhea napping, since I like her eyes so much.

Davout had been sitting next to Grant watching him bat around a bit of paper just now.  When Grant paused, Davout started to do the same himself, but when Grant slid forward to touch it too, Davout bounced away and halfway up the cat tree and went back to watching.


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