Four Cat Landing?

Morning Tabletop

Friday morning I saw an interesting cluster of cats.  The boxes are popular, and Davout often hangs out by the window nearby looking outside at the yard.  They looked cuter when all sitting more relaxed but I came just a little too close in the end.

Three Cat Landing

In the evening when I came down with the feather teaser, all four cats were on the landing or within a step following the toy.  But I didn’t have the camera!  I had to go through the pack to get it.

When I reset, Davout could not be induced to come back up.

Downward Facing Rhea

The kittens tumbled down with me, but Rhea was content to wait.  She did a nice yoga stretch for me.

Playful Davout

Davout was ready to play, but stayed downstairs.

Rhea Sniffies

During the play, Rhea sometimes took the chance to get a sniff at a distracted kitten.

Too Soon

When Grant noticed and rolled closer to let her clean his head, Rhea recoiled rather than moved to that step.  She moved off to another part of the landing more away from the kittens.

Sherman's War

Sherman was determined to be up front to get first crack at the feather.  If I passed it over his head to one of the others, he was nice enough to gnaw at the cord rather than bully whoever had the feather.

I checked his double upper fangs the other day, and he’s lost one already.  The other side will likely come out soon.  I’m not sure if the other teeth come before or after the big teeth.

There are even yet more shots from this coming up in more posts.


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1 Response to Four Cat Landing?

  1. beds4cats says:

    The cat’s favorite place is a box! Your cats also seem to love boxes!


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