Squinty Eye

Today I had reason to take a peek at one of Grant’s eyes.  He’s had an occasional squint on one side or the other at times, but today one eye was visibly goopy.

A problem with this is that Grant has a very strong reaction still to being grabbed.  He almost panics, wriggles and cries out.  If I keep him held, he calms a little, but is still tense. I wiped off the goop and there were some hairs in it, so he might have just poked himself a bit.

Even though he hates it, it doesn’t keep him hid away for long at least.

Tonight as it was playtime, he seemed to be blinking and squinting in that same eye when he looked into lights.  So I grabbed him and gave him a drop or two from something the vets gave Anna or Harrison for irritated eyes they said could be used generally.  He cried out again – but this time I noticed that I had attracted all the other cats to the area, all giving me the stink eye.

Why you bother my bro?

I cut you.

The face of disapproval.

Grant bounced right back and was ready to play moments later.

Tough little guy.

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