Happy Landings

Trials of a new potential Olympic Sport…getting all the cats on a single landing stage to play.   There’s one…



….and it remains at three.

I quite liked this pairing…Little Bro and Big Bro.  Davout has been keeping an eye on Grant as he moves about doing things in a paternal manner.

Rhea, on the other hand, has been playing smacky games with him in the tree-stump cat tower in the mornings.

Sherman loves the feather toy.  Actually he loves just about everything, even wandering into Anna’s room with me and getting hissed at.

She almost forgot to hiss at the kittens this morning, even when they were eating her food and exploring all around.  No, I don’t think this portends a breakthrough for her, although it would be nice if it did.

He acts like Harrison always did with her – unafraid of her displays, but not threatening back.  Davout gets too scared to be of much use in changing her act.  Rhea of course makes things worse by now.

In the middle of the session Rhea darted upstairs, and finally came back for a peek.  I thought she looked good in the light there.

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