Bits and Pieces

Still catching up on photos while taking a few more.  Today there was more bad weather outside.  Part of the day the Generals just tucked themselves downstairs in corners napping the afternoon away.  Grant seemed to be following Davout around and lying in similar poses nearby.

Grant might be giving Rhea a wider berth since she swatted him on his noggin three times playfully, but firmly the other day.  He wasn’t really doing anything at the time.  I think she was playing rather than giving a lesson.

Davout has some spectacular toe fur.

I spotted him tracking down Rhea a couple of times today to give her a lick on her head or two.  Pretty sweet.

I bought a formal tie/collar cat dress-up thing.  It goes with Rhea’s white blousing well, and she’s a better model than Davout or the little boys are likely to be.  I’ll have to catch Davout very relaxed to have a chance with it.

Golden Persians, at least, get a particular shade of green eyes at adulthood.  I’m not sure if he will get there, or if he will lose more striping as he grows up.  He likely will lose the black and striped whiskers as they get larger.

The boys are their own cat, of course, but little isolated bits remind me of the other cats I’ve had.  I think I will make them into a quiz if anyone is interested.  Some of these I’ve mentioned, some I haven’t.  Want to try your luck?

Sherman reminds me of Harrison in two different ways. What are they?

He shares one common feature with Anna that no other cat I can recall had.  Guesses?

He also shares a common habit with Rhea, and different one with Gus.

Grant took over the office chair at posting time today.  It took me a while to decide to evict him.

Grant also has some shared features with other cats …

What habit does he share with Davout?

What habit does he share with Calpurnia?

What trait does he have that reminds me of Julie?

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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. weggieboy says:

    A blessed Christmas and a healthful, happy 2017 for some of my favorite Internet international kitty celebrities! I hope his eyes do turn green…. So beautfiful in kitties, especially those with that color of pelage!


  2. Where are the answers? I think Sherman and Harrison have ear furnishings in common? Or am I remembering wrong? I don’t want to go back and ‘cheat’ the in common with Gus, is it sleeping on that corner of the wood floor/carpet area? I can’t think of any of the rest. Grant seems to be your only ‘short’ hair, I want to say he has that in common with Julie, but then again, I think Julie was one of those long hairs without being fluffy cats, no?


  3. cattitudechronicles says:

    I’m happy to see you have more lovely Kats since my last visit- they all look beautiful. A lot has changed with the humans around here- that makes it harder fur me to follow my favorite blogs- the Creature has a new baby sister!🙀


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