Rhea goes Wild

Whatever I was going to talk about has fled from my head since Rhea has been acting crazy since picture time was over.

She first went to an old shoebox and dug furiously into the corner of it until she felt she could try squeezing into it entirely.  When Grant peeked at her around the corner she swatted at him until he ran away.

She climbed up onto the rungs of a barstool to reach over and chase Davout out of his hiding place and out of the room.

She took the crown in vertical leaping after the feather toy by a couple of feet.

Sherman ambushed her and she darted away to let him chase her.

( a rare view of Sherman’s ‘muddy’ paws)

Then she was mock hunting Grant under a desk, followed by clambering up the back of a rocking chair to make a bobbing seat for her.

When Rhea says play, everybody plays!

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