Davout on Guard

I have a lot of Sherman pictures.  He’s not in the least shy, but somehow isn’t always about at a good angle when picture time comes.  He’s often near me facing away, not the best for portraits.

Many times he does his power napping behind the television, other times up on the table.

Usually Rhea is within reach, but sometimes she goes up and sleeps in the bedroom even when I’m not there.

I took the opportunity to get a picture of Anna.  She retires to this place if the other cats are near, or if she wants petting.  She looks like she’s wearing a skirt.

Someone ‘s outside the door….

It was a before I went down for the camera, I heard a noise outside the door.  Sherman was in the hall outside, and Davout was biting his back like he sometimes does with Rhea to keep her from bothering Anna.  He does try and take care of her even if she never knows.

Sherman left her alone this time, but I’m sure he will be in visiting again.

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2 Responses to Davout on Guard

  1. I have a feeling that Davout quietly rules your house.. I wonder what Anna would think if she knew and understood what he was doing?


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