Bonding Time

Grant’s pushing is finally making progress.  Today he pressed up to Davout while Davout was cleaning himself and was rewarded with a short head bath of his own.  It was seriously cute.

After that they split up, but all 4 cats were in the room grooming in synchrony.

It is a little more common for the three boys to be together with Rhea off on her own, although both the older cats seem to be trying to get the little ones involved in their long chase game through the whole house.

There was a comment by Andrea recently saying that Davout rules the house.  I wouldn’t go as far as that, as I don’t think cats have pack rules like dogs have built in.  Usually the cat that cares the most about a particular subject takes the lead in that respect.

Davout doesn’t care a lot about food, or if things get done at the right time just so, but he seems to be very concerned about peace in the house.  Even if I’m trimming knots on Rhea he will come running to try and fix the situation.  Keeping Anna clear of other cats by grabbing them just seems an extension of that.

Rhea came down to see what was up…and stood like that for minutes watching.  Must be more comfy than it looks.

Grant finished the day by climbing all over Davout’s head and body trying to get him to play. He didn’t quite get him to play, but Davout just endured it and didn’t run away.  Given how skittish Davout is, that’s pretty much total acceptance.

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  1. pilch92 says:

    They are all such cuties.


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