Grant and the Big Cats

Innocent Boy?

Today the theme was Grant in collision with the older cats – Rhea and Davout.  Nothing serious, but this morning at breakfast Grant helped Rhea escort me down to the kitchen which she often does.  He kept walking right under and into her nose and she finally lost her temper and gave him some swats in the head – bap-bap-bap.

Grant’s morale was sagging after a few of them so I told Rhea to back off, which she did.

Grant’s morale was good enough that a few minutes later he was pushing her out of her breakfast plate and she let him do it.  Grant always leaves the plate he shares with Sherman to try out what Rhea and Davout split between them.

the enforcer

Later in the day when I gave Anna her dinner Grant got his turn at being bit and held before he could go into Anna’s room.

Chasing Games

Grant hasn’t let things hold him down.  He’s been alternating playing with Sherman and Rhea all evening.  Rhea sometimes has gotten a bit over the top with some high speed combination of swats, but she did pull the force of even those.  And if Grant did the kitten flop she would sit back until he got up the gumption to carefully attack again.

I did tell her again to not play rough.

Q T Pie

Since then she has taken my advice, they are doing little fake stalk and pounce games with each other and Sherman, too.  No contact games this time.


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2 Responses to Grant and the Big Cats

  1. weggieboy says:

    You have an interesting 2017 to look forward to with your current kitty interactions. Best wishes and thank you for an always entertaining post!


  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    Sounds like Rhea is letting Grant know she’s the alpha cat of the household. Every older female cat I’ve ever had has always been the alpha cat and has had no problem letting the boys know. Mainly by head swats!!


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