Anna on a Visit

I finally got over my trepidation about Anna and the Generals today and brought her out to her enclosure.

It hardly is her enclosure, since Davout often sleeps in it, the kittens sometimes play in it, and Rhea has taken to biting the hoops, scratching at the webbing on the hoops, and walking and balancing on top of the thing.

But in a nice change, when Anna came down she didn’t even show up.  She stayed upstairs the entire time.  It would be nice if she lost some of her obsession over Anna.

Of course, Anna hissed at Grant – who was outside the webbing by several feet and hiding under and behind the cat tree watching her – about twenty seven times in a row.

I did bring Sherman over from where he was napping to visit Anna.  Of course she hissed at him as well, but he seemed unperturbed if curious.  He just watched her and eventually moved back a bit.

Davout came down and watched from straight overhead, just in case.  He doesn’t like when she hisses at him, so being up there avoiding that.

Anna finally stopped hissing at all and sundry and was fairly calm for the rest of the time.


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1 Response to Anna on a Visit

  1. angela1313 says:

    Sounds like progress and bodes good for the new year.


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