Sherman Quiz Answers

Sherman is letting the side down with his bitten off whiskers.  I’m not sure if he bites his own off, or Grant is doing it for him.  Also a good view of his color spotted chin and muzzle

Here’s a quiz answer –  Sherman reminds me of Harrison in his huge appetite, even being a little messy when eating.  He also has Harrison’s total fearlessness of other cats and people

He also as a face blaze and blotchy foot color like Calpurnia had.

He is, along with Anna, the easiest cat to get to purr I’ve ever had.  Anna is almost as easy to get started, until another cat shows up.

Sherman snores when he’s asleep like Gus used to do, and he loves sprinting back and forth for entertainment like Rhea does.  They’ve sometimes stared to do it together.


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  1. Piglove says:

    Hey ya’ll!! I do Spotlight Thursdays on my blog. If you are interested in being interviewed, send me an email okay I would love to interview you! XOXO – Bacon


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