New Toy

Recently I picked up a new wand toy.  This one was from Jackson Galaxy, the cat guru himself.  It had a plastic ‘snake’ end on it. Other ends are available for it.

The wand itself is nice – it is a telescoping metal pole with a thin wire connection to the toy. This should keep it from being tangled, and I’ve had wire cat toys before – the original Cat Dancer was a favorite for a long time to a lot of cats.

The plastic toy was less of a favorite – it was big and think and heavy, and the cats seemed part cautious about it.  Its heavy weight made it seem risky to move quickly, lest it hit things. I think the idea is for cats who like things pulled flat across the floor to use this, but mine seem to like the vertical game.

Luckily, the ends are switchable and I have some around for the other wand toys – they all seem to use compatible ends.

Marshal D looks poised for now…

I replaced the end with a light foil strip end which was a big hit with everyone.


Marshal D got really worked up with the new end when I moved it to his place.  He vaulted 4 feet or so straight up once, and then grabbed the end so hard and carried it off to a corner.  When poor General Grant moved too close he even got a growl from Marshal D, which made him retreat in a bit of confusion.

They are back to normal now, with Grant being Davout’s little shadow.



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6 Responses to New Toy

  1. Heartafire says:

    Beautiful little creatures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    Interesting! Kitties always get bored with a toy in time, so I’m always interested to learn about new toys. My two like to pounce on flying objects or to catch objects “sneaking” along the edge of cover, such as under the recliner just within their reach. The snake toy looks like one they’d love, love, love, and they always like the flashy Mylar pompom thingy. Thanks for the new toy review!


  3. I just got some of those harder plastic toys, but they’ll have to wait until I get home to get them because I want to see their reactions in person, lol. Seeing more than one kitty together in your pictures always blows my mind, they are not at all the sizes I always imagine! I think Sherman is the largest, he just looks like he’d be the size of my part Main Coon kitties, and then I think Grant is just a bit smaller. I always think Rhea and Davout are tiny tiny things. So when I see them in the third picture and it looks like Sherman is smaller than Rhea, well, it’s a shock! and Grant with Rhea, he looks tiny! Where does Anna fit in, size wise, in your crew? Since we never see her with another kitty in the picture, she could be any size at all, lol


    • Oldcat says:

      Anna is quite a bit larger than all the others – and wider too. Rhea and Davout are quite small by my standards – all my previous cats were 11 pounds and more, even Calla. These two are 8-9 pounds and sleek. Size-wise Anna is about as much bigger than Rhea than Rhea is to Sherman, so it is a shame she refuses to whoop up on Rhea when she gets mean. I have really been expecting one or both of the kittens to grow quite a bit larger. Sherman’s mom is a tiny thing, smaller than Rhea. But as a male, I’d expect him to grow more. The pair of them sure do eat like larger kitties!


  4. Connie says:

    I still think Grant has the most adorable face


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