Exciting Emptiness

I moved an old monitor I stashed under the desk in the dining room into the garage.  For some reason this released an orgy of four cat chasing games around the house.  They calmed down a bit later.

More play with the ribbon toy.  Davout is way too possessive still, holding and dragging it and growling at all and sundry.  He used to do this with the feathers some too, and has calmed down a lot since.

He was a little better on the chair…but still holds and grabs rather than holds and lets go.

Grant switches from watching from the edges, to rubbing up against the somewhat uncomfortable bigger cats trying to get some affection.  Both are a bit taken aback, but aren’t hostile to it anymore.

Rhea will sometimes give him an extra smackdown when playing, but on the side of the body usually rather than the head.


It is still fun to see the older two acting like fussy old folks as the kittens play like maniacs.

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Engineer with Cats
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