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With the moderate success the mesh cat enclosure has had in getting Anna some exposure outside her room, and the complete success it has for the other cats using it as a sleeping place when she isn’t using it, I finally got around to getting another setup upstairs.

It isn’t exactly the same, as there isn’t room, but I got a small dog kennel and set it up in the bedroom.  It can pretty easily be moved to the office upstairs too.  Today I put Anna in it, and took the opportunity to do some furniture moving and cleaning.  I forget how scared Anna gets of the cleaning gear, but the activity will attract the other cats and it is hard to keep Rhea away or keep Anna from going to ground.

Fun for Anna

It worked pretty well – Rhea was more interested in investigating Anna’s room with the Generals than finding her at first.  When I was moving the furniture about she did bust in and glare at Anna.  When I came in she attacked the cage and it did the  job of keeping them apart.  I shut Rhea out for a while but then she jimmied the door open and got into a second fracas.  Noisy, but harmless.

Anna was glad to get her room back later on.

Lazy Rhea

Rhea’s tired from being a bit of a brat.  After Anna left she, and Grant spent some time napping inside of the enclosure with the door open.

Couch Master

Davout came in to find Anna in her safe house before Rhea did and she growled at him so he left her alone.

Stairstep Boys

Grant has been regressing a little bit in his people skills even while he’s winning over the cats.  He’s been fairly reluctant to be held since the start, but more and more he struggles to escape if he is held.  It’s pretty natural for kittens this age to want to do their own thing – Sherman, say, wants to go when picked up pretty quickly, but he submits to being held and likes being touched.  Grant is even flinching away from being pet.

It isn’t fear, precisely, since he’s usually hanging out somewhere nearby where I am..just out of touch and with a few escape routes.   It doesn’t help that I’m making loud coughing noises a lot…even Rhea scolds me when I do that to much, chattering at me like I’m a bird outside the window.

Generals and Toy

So I’ve been trying to just get closer in his face more to get him to relax more, and today we did some wand work on the stairs.  I sat a few steps down so I was about his level, and used the tip of the wand toy and the string to get some gentle play with both of them.

Grant looks so much like a perfectly formed adult cat that it is easy to forget how small he is. It is unlikely I will be able to get a weighing in for a bit, though.  He’s shorter than a step when sitting up.

Quiet Time

He’ll be all right in the end.


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