Interview from a Vampire

Pretty Rhea

I had a bit of a sore eye Thursday night which by the next afternoon was feeling worse and worse.  I thought it was possibly a scratch from contacts, but by later afternoon at work I was getting full blown photophobia in it.  So by midevening I was turning off every light I could find and even street lighting coming in was painful.  Soon I was turning off televisions and the LEDs on power buttons of devices hurt when they came into view.  The hiding away from sunlight always makes me wonder if this is where vampire legends get some of their start.  I remember in a previous house in Chicago having a case of this and being unable to go downstairs until sundown because of the windows there.

Trapped Davout

It was a lot better in the morning and I was able to get some drops from a store that helped. Poor Davout had a hard time himself.  He was so diligent in policing all the cats out of Anna’s room at her dinnertime that he got shut in himself.  He was in there for maybe a couple of hours.  Anna wasn’t upset, but he was a little.  When I carried him nearer to her he hissed at her first!   I gave him his special treat when he came down to make him feel better

Grant Play

Grant, too, has picked up on the habit of trying to drag off this ribbon toy to his “den”.

Sherman Missile

Sherman stays close and hurls himself at it like a furry missile.

Rhea Play

Rhea looks demure, but the fact that she snorts like a pig when she snaps and bites at toys kinda ruins the ladylike atmosphere.

Davout Plays Too

Marshal D gets his turn, although he’s torn since Grant is eating at his treat.

About Oldcat

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4 Responses to Interview from a Vampire

  1. Hope you feel better today. It sounds like you got a scratch on the cornea. Watch for redness and infection and you should be okay in a few days.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    Ow! Hope your eye heals soon and the light sensitivity doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience.

    My two created a game using the multi-colored sting off a broken wand toy. It makes no sense to me, but the kitty boys enjoy it. Sounds like your kitties have a similar game using their string toy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. angela1313 says:

    Hope your eye clears up and you feel better very soon. It’s got to be inconvenient as well as painful.


  4. Connie says:

    I am glad your eye is feeling better and hope it is well healed by now or if not soon


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