All Assemble

Before bed play time is getting to be a habit.  Today Rhea even went upstairs to fetch me to get it started.

Grant peers from the margins to avoid being run over by charging Shermans.

Davout also is one of the hang back crowd.

Rhea decides to climb the chair for a better vantage.


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7 Responses to All Assemble

  1. KittNoir says:

    Adorable photos of the kitties!


  2. cattitudechronicles says:



  3. whitefish waves two ewe Rhea….we red yur interveewz two day over at bacon’s N wanted ta stop bye N say HI two ewe N yur familee…..if yur ever over at blogger; pleez feel free ta stop bye trout towne; grab a hammick… ore 10, a few platez oh food ….N chillax for a bit……happee thurzday two all….N if ya due knot under stand uz…pleez due knot feel bad…..most dont…inn cloodin R own selvez ! ♥♥♥ 🙂

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