Active Day

Yesterday Sherman needed an emergency bath and afterward nobody wanted to pose for pictures.  He wasn’t too rough in the sink or wiggly, but he did expose his unhappiness by pointedly not purring when I was holding him to dry him off.

Normally he purrs right away if you hold him.  It doesn’t mean he won’t trot off on his own business

Even though it was wet and a bit cold I let everyone out back for a visit.  Davout and Sherman got a bit spooked when I gathered up fallen leaves and needles for tossing and stayed inside.  Grant tagged along after Rhea as she visited the curve of the yard.

He also discovered the spare scratch post on the patio.  He even climbed it a little.

A bit later I let them into the garage area while I did some laundry.  They were good about not being to aggressive about exploring and were easy to entice back in when I was ready.

At night out came the wand toy.  Sherman showed some real thinking when Rhea caught part of the cable under a box.  Sherman tried pulling the loose toy by the glittery end, and when it was stuck he was smart enough to let go and try pulling the wand end the same direction to clear the obstacle.



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  1. Darling. How’s Anna doing?


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