Ear Drip Days

Sherman is being mostly cooperative with the ear drops, only the smallest bit of wiggling. He’s quite the happy cat, even purring on the table when the vet was trying to look in his ear for stuff.  It didn’t stop him from trying to get away, but he was pleasant about it.

There hasn’t been any more goop coming out which is good.

These days I get a few extra nice shots that don’t get used on the day of the shoot.  This was a bit blurred, but Davout had quite the wide eyes.

For the second day in a row Rhea has been visiting the kitchen counter long after anything interesting is going on in there, while I do these posts.  The boys at least poke around when I am fixing food.

Without her trim Anna would look like a big mound of hair.

Grant is quite the bendy kitten.


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