A Little of This and That

It was a slow day for the kitties as each found a napping spot.  Grant first repelled Rhea when she tried to bully him out of her favorite bed, and she moved on.  Later he tried to creep in and lie next to her and she gave him a bit of a smack for that.

She’s overall nice to him, and even plays chase and ambush games with him.  He does irritate her by getting too close especially near breakfast time where he will arch and rub up against any cat in the area, but one swat and he flops down in apology and she leaves it at that.

Later the boys all joined in the playtime.

Big bro Davout keeps an eye on things, and repeatedlly tried to carry off the entire toy.

Grant takes a peek at Sherman playing, waiting his turn.



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One Response to A Little of This and That

  1. weggieboy says:

    It is sweet the way the generals have adapted to the established kitties in your home! That rhea gets her kitty on with the kittens is especially fun to know because I fear I’ve thought of her as a bully cat because Anna and she have their moments. (Of course, Anna came to you with her past, which she seems to be over coming, slowly but surely!!)


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