Out Back Sunday

The cats were getting a bit bored late this afternoon so I let them outside in the back yard.

Davout normal enjoyment was reduced a bit by his instinct to herd around the little Generals.

Rhea did her own thing, thankfully not the thing where she leaps the back wall and invades the neighbor’s houses.

I found out that herding cats is like….herding cats.  At first some would not come out into the yard, then later one or two would dart back out into the yard when it was time to come in.

In the end both of the little fellows explored the yard, although my walking about and the noise of birds overhead was a distraction.  They tended to attach to one of the older cats at first, and later to each other.

It was a bit close to sundown by this time so the colors got a bit flat, sort of a natural sepia tone.

Rhea knows all the ways to get around and keep your paws clean.

The kittens are a little less clear on the concept, although they did tend to stay on the rocks like they should.

Plants are good to nibble on.


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2 Responses to Out Back Sunday

  1. guyz…N joy sum oh that outside time for uz two pleez….itz veree brisk heer 🙂 ♥♥♥


  2. Love the overhead shot of three of them, you really get a good idea of their relative size there.
    Oh my gosh, why have I never noticed that Sherman has a couple of colored toes? Those are the cutest paws! Any chance of a closer shot of all of them, you know, to inventory the bean colors? 😀


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