Bean Question Answered

Andrea of Celestial Kitties asked about the color of Sherman’s toes and toe beans.  He has many cinnamon blots on his feet, especially on the bottom and back, like muddy boots.

To my eye, all the pads are the same color, a dull pinkish color that I would say is the cinnamon pad color rather than the light pink of white spotting.

This morning just before I was going to shower Sherman came in and showed me another messy bottom.  Then when I was taking some of the mess out to the trash Grant decided it would be cool to dart out into the garage and play under the car.

Kids today.

Anyway, this is one reason Sherman isn’t up for playing with his paws taking pictures.

Rhea seems to be growing bushy eyebrows to go with her in-ear spikes

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2 Responses to Bean Question Answered

  1. grant….sew we R guessin yur ina wee bit oh trubull !! ?? 🙂 ♥♥♥


  2. Oh I missed this! Aw, poor Sherman, I don’t blame him for not being up to toe pictures, hope he’s better by now!


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