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Kitty Caboodle

In the last few days I noticed the battery backup on the internet-TV-telephone system I have was running low so I got a new battery and installed it…and the internet didn’t work.

So with only my cell phone working I got on a service chat with the provider…after 40 minutes of waiting.

Wild Thang

On the more pleasant side, I managed to get a look at both Sherman and Davout pooing and both looked nice and solid.  Sherman’s ear looks better, although I did do a few more drops.

I’ve been limiting the meat in the wet cat food to turkey rather than chicken in the last several days which might also be helping.

Sherman has been especially perky today.

Knocking over the Bed

He knocked over Rhea’s bed while playing with the toys, turning  it upside down.

The dude on the cell phone chat first told me to unplug the battery, unplug the unit, then replug them both in to “reset” the system.  Now, my unit is in the garage and the plug is by the garage door opener on the ceiling.  Over the car.

I figured this was ninety percent chance bullshit, but I did go and do that while keeping the dude on the chat line.  Opening the garage door, pulling out the car, getting out the ladder, climbing up and down twice. Of course, it had absolutely no effect.

Forlorn Rhea

Rhea’s world is in ruins with her bed flipped over.

So his next idea is to “check if the outlet works”.  The outlet that was streaming internet while I was changing the battery.  The outlet whose other side runs the garage door opener I just used.

Screw that shit.  I’m not climbing that ladder a third time for no reason.

Nyah Nyah

While I was typing that to the guy, Grant darted out into the garage and right outside into the night.  Wonderful.

Grumpy Boy

So while still on the phone chat with this idiot, I manage to herd Grant back from under my car in the driveway into the garage to hide, and close the door without scaring him right back out.

So now the dude gives up.  So far he has not done a single thing on his end to check anything about the connection, which this same provider under previous management did.  So he schedules a new call, which I at first thought was going to be another telephone call with somebody else but soon turned out to be a visit.  Six days in the future.

I note to him that six days from today is a Sunday.  I doubt they make calls on Sunday. I have no idea where he pulled that from – when I called him on it he claimed it would be the next day then.


So after letting this fool go, I went out into the garage and in literally thirty seconds, found a loose fitting that made everything work perfectly.  So then I had to call a different line to cancel the service call.  So for security reasons they claimed not to be able to do anything for me unless I had a PIN number, which I didn’t know.  But when I told them I just needed to cancel the service call added just minutes before, they did it anyway and then gave me my secret PIN number.

The batteries last about four years.

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4 Responses to Tech Support

  1. weggieboy says:

    Ugh! I feel stressed just reading that! So often, those little issues are as simple as what you found, yet they cause massive time waste and hassles.

    I updated my smart phone OS this past week, then learned the hard way that they change significantly the way you answer the phone, a fact I discovered when I couldn’t answer an important call I was waiting for.

    After five calls back and forth, one “misdial” that put me in contact with my kitty boys’ veterinarian’s office instead of the hospital’s dialysis unit I was trying to reach, I finally noticed they’d moved the place to answer the miserable thing from the low middle to the top right, and changed the look from a red dot you swiped to simple blocks marked “Delete” to cancel a call and “Answer” to, well, answer the miserable thing.

    When I first got the miserable phone, I couldn’t figure out how to answer it, but knew how to answer it when it was linked to my car. So, till I stumbled across the way to answer it, I had to run out to my care to answer a phone! Insane!

    Good thing we have kitties to pet to lower our blood pressure after these encounters with technology, eh?!


  2. guyz…due knot get de food gurl started on thiz stuff ore we will haz de longest commint ever posted in de hiss tree oh man kind !!!! we iz glad yur dad got de izzue fixed…..N everee onez lookin grate two day two !!!:) ♥♥♥


  3. Mary McNeil says:

    Oooooh – I bet I know who your “new” cable service is – because I went through ditto last summer when they were the OLD provider. Good luck ! Glad all the kitties got herded indoors safely !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anne Daigle says:

    And how I LOVE my land line! In hurricane country, it is a necessity!


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