Basket Case

Rhea was holding court in a laundry basket turned over.  Every one likes to sleep in these.

Sherman isn’t pushy like Grant, but gets as close when he wants.  He’s calmer.  The other day I brought him in to see Anna.  She mewed, sniffed the tip of his tail once, twice, then a third time and then spat at him.  He was disappointed it seemed, but not afraid.

Marshal D gets his turn with the toy.


Davout hangs out more downstairs, Rhea is the queen of my room, but he comes up for visits.

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5 Responses to Basket Case

  1. weggieboy says:

    So the kittens may break the ice for Anna! That would be great if she finally lost her anxieties about being around other cats!


  2. Sherman seems to hold his head down and his eyes up, makes him look shy, so cute. Maybe he’ll be the one to break down Anna’s defenses!


  3. What absolute beauties. What breed are these? (Is breed even the right word? – It sounds weird for cats).
    Cat person? I dare you NOT to fall in love HERE. The Ed.


    • Oldcat says:

      Rhea, Davout and Sherman are purebred non-standard Minuet cats. The Minuet mixes the short legged Munchkin gene into Persians. For genetic reasons, about half the cats have normal legs and are termed “non-standard”. Anna is also Persian, although I have no papers. Grant is a British Shorthair, shaded golden in color.


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