Grant and the Charm Offensive

I’ve mentioned a few times how Grant has been trying to charm the older kitties, especially Rhea.  The other day he did it when I had a camera ready.

Since he couldn’t come in from the back, he had to start from farther away and reach out just barely close enough to touch paws.

Rhea curls the paw back, but he rolls and squirm closer and tries again.

A few more squirms and he’s noggin to noggin with Rhea.

That was a little too much, but Rhea did give him a couple licks on the head before sitting up.

Rhea’s not the type for long term snuggling with anyone from what I’ve seen, but both the Generals are family in her eyes. Maybe Grant can wake up some maternal feelings in her, and maybe not, but Rhea will put up with a certain amount of him trying with goood grace.


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4 Responses to Grant and the Charm Offensive

  1. weggieboy says:

    The noggin-to-noggin shot is especially charming! How can Rhea ignore those beautiful eyes? How can she not be overwhelmed by Grant’s charm initiative!?


  2. Andrea Kenner says:

    What a little cutie!


  3. cattitudechronicles says:

    Awwww- they’re both just adorable!😺


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