Windows Again

Since it cooled off consideraby today the window wasn’t open, yet at one point first Davout came to the window in a rush followed by a pileup of cats, in an instant.  I sure didn’t see or hear what was going on out there.

It was blustery, but it has been that before.  I first opened the window to see if they would point out the problem, and even peeked out the door myself.  Didn’t see anything.  No idea why Davout got excited, and how all the other cats instantly knew it and rushed after him.

After things calmed down Rhea still camped out at a different window for some time.

An old pic of Sherman at the base of the stairs waiting for us to come down.

Anther pic from yesterday’s window time.  It is funny that despite his quietness and calmness, Davout is in many cases the leader.  He definitely is the one most concerned if one ot the cats is upset and comes to fix it.

Poor Sherman usually looks frumpy, so it is nice when he gets a bit of a glamour pose.

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2 Responses to Windows Again

  1. guyz…purrhapz a vizshuz squirrelz pazzed bye ?? !! 🙂 ♥♥♥


  2. Mary McNeil says:

    General Sherman himself would probably approve of your Sherman;s rumpled look.
    Davout is such a good caretaker of the rest of his crew !


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