Cruel Shoes

I thought I’d seen most strange cat products, but at work today someone gifted me with a set of Kitten Mittens.  Yes, socks for cats.

I was right when I thought Grant would be too jumpy to get a mitten on, so Rhea had to put up with it.  She didn’t like it, high stepping a little to try and shake it off, and licked at it a time or two.  It looks tight, but that’s just crushed floof.

It slid off easily once I got the picture.  It is hard to get on since a cat foot is so squishy and clawed.  I gave her something special for being the model.

Grant looks good even when distracted.

Davout likes hanging out with the young ones.


Grant is an intense one.

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5 Responses to Cruel Shoes

  1. angela1313 says:

    Wow! Great picture of Grant. The socks are cute but obviously Rhea’s expression says “Another crazy human idea!”


  2. Connie says:

    who would think up such a thing?


  3. 15andmeowing says:

    I have some similar ones, but they are for the bottoms of chairs to prevent scratches.


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