Back from the Vets

The kittens are back from the vets and were active and hungry after the surgery.

Rhea had been a bit mopey while they were gone, almost clingy with me.


Grant had a little bit of a setback later in the evening,  aggressively rubbing his bottom on the carpet and ground.  He was quite hard to catch, and pretty upset when I did, but calmed down back in his carrier.  The other cats were pretty upset about all the fracas.

He’s sleeping now.  I might have to take him in tomorrow to the vets if they are open.


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3 Responses to Back from the Vets

  1. angela1313 says:

    Hope Grant is OK this morning. So interesting Rhea really seemed to miss them when they were not there.


  2. Maybe Grant’s stitches were just itchy? I hope he’s feeling better today.


  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    Hope Grant is OK.


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