Grant at Peace

I kept Grant in his carrier all night on the sofa next to me so I could hear him if he needed out.  Luckily he didn’t mind, and slept most of the time, and didn’t worry his woulds at all.  I was awake and asleep on an off all night.

In the early morning I gave him his pain medicine, then after he had time for that to take effect I let him out for breakfast and using the sandbox.  I decided then that a vet visit wasn’t warranted and let him alone. He was fine all day and has showed no sign of a recurrence of his bothering the wound.

Sherman got his pain medicine too, and has not been having any issues after the surgery.

I mentioned that Rhea was unhappy when the boys were gone – I’m sure she likes them fine, but a lot of the issue with that she likes things to be just so and changes in the routine make her uncomfortable.  Davout is more nervous, but doesn’t have  the same need to organize things to his liking.

Davout and the boys are a little mad that I haven’t let them out into the yard or the garage. I want to be able to see how the boys are reacting to medication and the wounds.

The pain meds are making them a little more sleepy, but they still got up and played with each other and with Rhea on and off during the day.  Grant even went into the carrier I enclosed him in last night a time or two to nap in.

Everything is back to Rhea’s liking.

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4 Responses to Grant at Peace

  1. weggieboy says:

    When my two cats were neutered at six and a half months old, they came back from the veterinarian’s, ran out from the carrier when I opened it at home, and were apparently feeling little or no pain because they behaved exactly how they normally. I was surprised they didn’t have the cones or stiches. and that the only instruction I had was to watch for infection or discomfort. They had no complications from the procedure, nor did they pay attention to the site other than normal tongue cleaning. I’m still amazed. On the other hand, my first kitty died in the night after spaying.

    All that said, I was pleased to read Grant is doing well now, as is Sherman. How sweet, too, that Rhea has bonded so well with the kitty boys! Do you suppose she views them as her kittens?


  2. Oldcat says:

    More like little brothers. You play with them some, smack them some. Rhea is kinda a tomboy more than motherly.


  3. Connie says:

    Back to Rhea’s liking, and yours, I’m sure.


  4. Anne Daigle says:

    What else can I say?? Women savor order!


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