Sunday, Sunday

Lazy Sunday

I love the way Rhea can be so expressive about just sleeping on a warm afternoon.

Backyard Day

Near the end of the afternoon I let them all out into the back yard.  Davout went first to get some grass.

Grant and Questionable Flowers

I had to keep an eye on the cats because I’m not sure about the perennial plant and flowers that springs up every year.  I assume it is a bulb and might be dangerous.  It dies off pretty quickly and I clear it up.

Nobody tried chewing on it, even my grass eaters and plant pullers.

Davout Promanade

Davout on the way back from chewing on some grass.

Rhea Coming Out

Rhea on the way out.

Grass Eater Sherman

Sherman eats some grass of his own….

Cutie Grant

Grant does the cute thing.  Again, and still.


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Engineer with Cats
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One Response to Sunday, Sunday

  1. Connie says:

    Is that freesia in your back yard? i”m so jealous. I”ve tried to grow that several times and I have no luck at all.


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